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Outreach at Christ Episcopal Church

The Good Samaritan offered freely of his time as he stopped to minister to the man and then went out of his way to get him to an inn and returned later. The Samaritan also ministered from his talent as he bound up the man’s wounds and poured in the oil and the wine. And finally, the Samaritan ministered through his treasure as he paid the bill in full for the care of the man while he recovered at the inn. It is after the example of the Good Samaritan that Christ Episcopal Church chooses to pattern our outreach ministry.

At Christ Episcopal Church, we want to focus on tangible ministry in our local area. This is a hands-on kind of ministry involving time and talent. This may take the form of working with Habitat for Humanity or getting involved in helping the homeless in our local area… it may mean working at the soup kitchen or visiting the home bound. It may also mean supporting those in need with financial gifts from time to time. Of course, there are also financial needs for continued ministry in the area and Christ Episcopal Church supports several key ministries and this ministry involves our treasure. Each of us represents the hands and feet of our Lord. Each of us will be able to serve Christ in and through Outreach with our time, talent, and treasure.

The Thrift Shop

The Christ Episcopal Church Thrift Shop is a project of the Outreach Committee. It is located at 312 42nd Street West, in Bradenton.  This is a ministry that offers gently used items at a nominal cost. All profits go to Christ Episcopal Church Outreach. The shop is open Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for the months of June and July. The Thrift Shop is staffed solely by volunteers. Donations are gratefully accepted any day. Please stop in and say hello!

The Lord’s Pantry

The Pantry serves a cross-section of applicants ranging from the homeless to those who just need some help on that week. They come to us at 312 42nd Street West in Bradenton by referrals from other agencies. They come on foot, on bikes, share rides and even on the bus. We try to provide enough food to cover a period of 3 to 4 days. The Pantry is open on Thursdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Our applicant base has been increasing steadily over the past few years and we continuously need both volunteers and donations. If you would like to donate to the Pantry, please check the bulletin for the items we need the most!

Our Daily Bread

This ministry is found in the downtown Bradenton area and provides hot meals and warm smiles to the homeless and economically unstable in our community every day of the year. Teams of volunteers from Christ Episcopal Church prepare and/or serve meals every Sunday. If you feel the leading of our Lord to join in this ministry, please contact the church offices at 941-747-3709.


Christian Care Alliance

In cooperation with various government agencies and churches, and funded by many denominations, the Christian Care Alliance is available to meet the needs of individuals and families. Through validation of need, MRS ensures assistance goes to qualified individuals, and duplication of services does not deplete limited resources.

Volunteers Needed

The team of volunteers at The Lord’s Pantry is dedicated to this outreach ministry. The atmosphere is convivial and welcoming and the experience fulfilling. If you are able, please help us fill this urgent need.

Please contact:
Claudette Belnavis 813-654-8359
John Meeks 941-757-7569
Church office 941-747-3709


ACCESS Florida

Christ Church has partnered with the Florida Department of Children and Family Services to participate in the ACCESS Florida Program.  With this program, we aid individuals and families with apply for SNAP benefits and if available a variety of Medicaid programs that are designed to assist with obtaining needed health care.  These services are provided on an appointment basis.  For further information please call 941 779-4193.